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Birds, Father and Mathematics, Balbakken October 2012-April 2013

Balbakken, October - April 2012 - 2013
Made in colaboration with Marcellvs L, 2-channel audio composition 14:52 min

Notes, Dates, Hours, Numbers of Birds 1-7
Paper, 29,7cm 21cm

Water, Ink, Number of Birds Month by Month 1-7
Ink and water on paper, 41cm 58cm

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Birds
Metal sculpture, 210cm 240 cm

Mother, Father, Bird Tree
C-print, 33cm 50cm

Weather, Metal, Rust, Bird Droppings 1-2
Intaglio prints, 59cm 84cm

The work is made in collaboration with my father, who is a mathematician recently retired from the university and now living in a cabin in the mountains in rural Norway. One of his activities there is bird watching. During a winter he has registered the different activities in his feeding tree, such as temperature, type of birds, number of birds, weather, duration, amount of food, resulting in a graph summarizing all life surrounding the tree.
I have translated the data into different materials, using different methods.
The sound composition is made in collaboration with the artist Marcellvs L.